Born on August 20th, 1945 in Sarajevo, former Yugoslavia, now Bosnia and Herzegovina. Back in elementary school he started his journey towards painting by making small format watercolors, mostly with nature-based motifs, interestingly shaped trees or landscapes which allow various expressions using shades of color. Having finished elementary school, he started attending the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo, in the class of Professors Vojo Dimitrijevi, Mica Todorovi, Vladimir Vojinovi and others. He found a job in education, where he passed on his knowledge and educated younger generations in the field of art. He enrolled in the art history study program at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philosophy, which he never finished due to family illness.

His creative work can be divided into two periods:
- Life and work before the war in the former Yugoslavia
- Life and work after the war in the former Yugoslavia

In the pre-war period he dealt with a demanding aesthetic form on the packaging of cosmetic products, covers and illustrations of books and posters.
He worked on packaging and advertising campaign for “Mira Lanza” from Italy, “Schahnaz” from India and many others. His creations connect him with the broad consumer audiences.

Simultaneously, his free time is devoted to painting and exploring composition, motifs, colors, precise surfaces and rich colors. Those were mainly abstract geometrical compositions. Realizing the development of art, specifically painting, he explores metaphysical compositions and messages. All explorations are interwoven with very precise definitions of drawings and shades of color.
He handles the motif of a woman, which is appealing to many painters, in his own particular way: surface of a face without any details, in color, in the ambience. The figure of a woman always allows the viewer to analyze what has been achieved or what wanted to be achieved through these effects of abstraction.
The senselessness of war in the former Yugoslavia, ethnic hatred and terrible conflicts

forced the family of different nationalities to leave that chaos behind in 1992 and to find a temporary shelter away from all that. Time showed that this departure was not temporary, but a permanent venture into a new world with the aim of seeking internationalism and fleeing from nationalism.
Temporary residence in Germany, in a small town called Nürtingen, changed his view of the world and partially his view on art. He becomes more oriented on free painting with motifs that mostly determine abstract compositions, growing closer to geometric abstraction, to which he remains faithful to this day. Pressured by the German government, under the slogan “War is over”, he was forced to leave the quiet town of Nürtingen and moved to Prague, Czech Republic in 1999.

This is where the whole family comes together again and continues to live a more peaceful life. He soon became a member of the Association of Prague Painters and member of the Union of Fine Arts of the Czech Republic.
He works very actively and he is more oriented on quality, rather than quantity. The road to a work of art requires extensive analysis, good composition, accurately devised drawing and above all a very precise determination in accordance with colors and shades, with the aim of bringing the painter’s idea closer to the audience and helping the viewer recognize a piece of himself or herself in the painting.

In Prague, August 2016


1974 Tuzla, former Yugoslavia

1979 Sarajevo, former Yugoslavia

1989 Nürtingen, Germania

1994 Kirchheim u. Teck, Germania

1997 Wendlingen a. Neckar, Germania

1999 Prague, Czech Republik

2004 Trebon, Czech Republik

2007 Rakovnik, Czech Republik